The One and Only DirectDrive

Positive engagement between the spiral belt and drum eliminates friction and overdrive

DirectDrive Structure Supported spiral conveyor

DirectDrive Structure Supported SpiralsEliminate system friction to enable smooth, reliable spiral performance in all operating conditions.

Proven in over a thousand installations worldwide, Intralox's DirectDrive™ System—the original low-tension spiral solution—has revolutionized spiral conveyance. By drastically reducing belt tension and total system stress, DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals ensure better system performance, reduced downtime, and substantially longer belt life.

DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals help you:

  • Minimize expensive, unscheduled production downtime
  • Eliminate product orientation problems related to overdrive
  • Avoid catastrophic events like belt breakage and lifts

Compared to similar technologies, DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals can support larger systems and wider belts. Along with increased uptime, these production enhancements help you increase throughput in your proofer, cooler, freezer, hydrochiller, or any other spiral application.


Plants that adopt DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals realize many key benefits, including:

  • Removal of friction as an operational variable
  • Increases product load capacity, allowing maximum throughput
  • Reduces product marking and product loss due to adhesion by up to 80%
  • Superior product alignment from infeed to outfeed
  • Delivers smooth, reliable performance with reduced total cost of ownership


Where can this technology make the difference for you?

Donuts on DirectDrive Structure Supported spiral conveyor


DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals offer smooth, dependable product handling that eliminates the risk of skewed, damaged, or lost product while enabling downstream automation. Their lightweight belting helps increase your plant’s throughput by supporting heavier product loads on the spiral. Your system’s reliability and predictability will ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

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Worker climbing ladder in DirectDrive spiral freezer


Unlike competing technologies, DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals don’t require adjustments or “babysitting”—they simply work the way they're supposed to. The DirectDrive System eliminates overdrive, significantly reduces system tension, and eliminates the need for lubrication. The belt’s modular plastic construction eliminates the need for cutting, grinding, or welding; in the rare instances where repairs are required, they take minutes instead of hours.

See how a DirectDrive Structure Supported spiral helped Schulze & Burch dramatically simplify maintenance in its bakery plant

Gloved hands of sanitation worker swab-testing DirectDrive Structure Supported belt surface


DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals help simplify your sanitation procedures and safeguard the hygienic integrity of your product. The belt has no catchpoints and is designed for easy release, minimizing the risk of trapped or stuck product. Combined with its design and increased open area, this ensures that washdowns are quick, thorough, and predictable. The belt’s modular plastic construction eliminates the risk of “black speck” (discolored metal wear debris) and protects against foreign material contaminants.

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