Conveyor belts and equipment for bakery plants

Some in the bakery industry think of us solely as a conveyor belt manufacturer. But we’re much more than that.

We provide a complete range of conveyance solutions for all types of bakery plants, including bread/bun, pastries and confections, cookies, crackers, and tortillas and flat breads. Our belt and equipment technologies can handle a wide variety of baked and pre-baked goods and packaging, efficiently and without damage.

Our bakery industry solutions help you realize key improvements, including:

  • Improving food safety and operational effectiveness in dough-handling areas
  • Maintaining orientation and eliminating jams on pan lines
  • Optimizing spirals for freezing, cooling, and proofing
  • Ensuring maximum return on investment for major back-end projects
Loaves of bread rounding radius conveyor belt with Series 2400 HDE belting

Bakery plant processing areas

Where can Intralox make the difference for you?

Raw dough rolling off a LugDrive 8140 conveyor belt

Make Up AreaSuperior drop-in replacement with LugDrive S8140

With a smooth, scraper-friendly, non-stick conveying surface and tensionless, sprocket-driven operation, ThermoDrive belting eliminates many of the operational issues associated with using flat belting in dough-handling applications.

LugDrive Series 8140 belting is a superior drop-in replacement option for many existing dough conveyors, dough chunkers, or horizontal conveyors. Available with or without flights, this high-quality, hygienic lug-driven belt is supported by our industry-leading expertise, guarantees, and standard lead times (expedited lead times also available).

Features and benefits:

  • Matte finish improves product release
  • Reduced sink marks enhance scraping
  • Hygienically designed drive lugs
  • Simpler to operate and maintain
  • Improved product yield, food safety, and belt life

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Producing Results

less product waste for a major bread and bun producer
reduced belt cleaning time

Loaves of bread cascading across AIM Glide Switch

Equipment SpotlightAIM Glide

An innovative alternative to metal slat switches that offers zero unscheduled downtime, no jams, and less maintenance.

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