Automation equipment for e-commerce and distribution

Where traditional parcel automation leaves customers wanting, Intralox meets the dynamic, omnichannel needs of fulfillment, distribution, middle mile, and last mile with cutting-edge solutions.

Our proven Activated Roller Belt (ARB) equipment has been successfully implemented across a range of sectors. Backed by our comprehensive service, support, and guarantees, ARB technology helps end users move difficult-to-handle products—efficiently and in smaller footprints—while adding unique functionality, reducing labor, and increasing overall efficiency.

ARB equipment can be applied to a variety of applications, including:

  • Sorting—bulk or single item
  • Switching, merging, and aligning
  • Singulating and descrambling
  • Gapping
  • 90-degree transfers

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Packages on blue roller conveyors guarded by plexiglass

Worker unloading boxes from cargo van

Equipment InsightsKeeping Up with E‑commerce: Is Automation the Answer?

Parcel processors and retailers can depend on automation partners to deliver an optimized solution that provides both financial and operational value.

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