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Thermodrive belt

Why choose between reliability and hygiene when you can have both?

Intralox ThermoDrive® technology offers the same reliability as our modular plastic belting, with the added hygiene benefits of a solid thermoplastic structure. Lightweight and easy to install, the ThermoDrive belting system eliminates the tensioning, tracking, and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional flat or tensioned positive drive belts.

ThermoDrive technology’s patented tensionless system combines belts and components to help food processors:

  • Overcome complicated, time-consuming cleaning and sanitation processes
  • Eliminate belt issues caused by tensioning (e.g., mistracking, elongation, wavy edges)
  • Avoid hygienic risks posed by fabric belts or exposed fabric or yarn reinforcements
Water droplets on underside of ThermoDrive conveyor belt

For many reasons—including better cleanability, better performance, less maintenance, and longer product shelf life—ThermoDrive was the right choice.

Osman Gedik
Gedik Piliç Owner

Underside of ThermoDrive Series 8140 Hygienic Lug-Driven Belt

Product SpotlightThermoDrive Series 8140

An easy drop-in replacement for existing lug-driven belts, backed by Intralox’s guaranteed quality, service, and standard lead times.

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Download Our ThermoDrive Engineering Manual

For more information about the ThermoDrive system, including belt styles, materials, and components, download the ThermoDrive Engineering Manual.