Postal and parcel handling automation solutions

Intralox’s innovative technologies and best-in-class service help postal and parcel facilities move beyond the traditional.

Partner with our postal and parcel industry specialists early in your project life cycle to ensure you get the most from your solution. We can help ensure you reduce package damage, improve sort accuracy, and increase capacity, all while lowering staffing and delivery costs. Ultimately, we want to help you meet or exceed consumer demand for rapid delivery times in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Our patented Activated Roller Belt (ARB) equipment solutions provide gentle handling of a wide range of package types and sizes, including cartons, polybags, jiffies, envelopes, and more. ARB equipment can be applied to a variety of postal and parcel applications, including:

  • Sorting—bulk or single item
  • Singulating
  • Pallet layer descrambling
  • Gapping
  • Merging

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Envelopes and boxes on Intralox Smart Singulator

Worker unloading boxes from cargo van

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Parcel processors and retailers can depend on automation partners to deliver an optimized solution that provides both financial and operational value.

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