Conveyor belts and equipment for meat and poultry processing

For leading meat and poultry processors, Intralox is more than just a vendor or belt supplier. We’re a true business partner that deeply understands your goals and operations.

Our modular plastic conveyor belts first revolutionized the meat and poultry industry more than 50 years ago. In the years since, we’ve continued to invest in industry-focused research and development to deliver innovations that help you overcome emerging challenges like foreign material contamination risks, chemical usage, and labor shortages.

We have solutions and services for nearly every conveyance need in meat and poultry plants, including:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Automation equipment
  • Spiral conveyors
  • FoodSafe services and technologies
Series 800 Flat Top with Heavy Duty Edge in PK material with meat on surface

Meat and poultry processing areas

Where can Intralox make the difference for you?

Chicken breasts on FoodSafe Series 800 Polyketone belt

Primary ProcessingFoodSafe solutions for primary processing areas

Intralox® FoodSafe™ is a portfolio of services and technology backed by experts to help you produce safe food and protect your brand. The innovative FoodSafe line can help you optimize your facility’s new or existing conveyors to achieve safety and operational goals.

Food-safe modular plastic belting: With an array of materials and designs—engineered to tackle foreign material risks head-on—Intralox FoodSafe belting helps ensure uncompromised food safety, product quality, and brand integrity.

  • Prevent breakage caused by belt mishandling
  • Maximize belt life in high-impact or abrasive applications
  • Increase safeguards with detectable materials
  • Maintain belt strength and durability in high-chemical-exposure applications

ThermoDrive belting: The most advanced belt system for hygienic food processing, ThermoDrive technology offers the same reliability as our modular plastic belting with the added hygiene benefits of a solid thermoplastic structure.

  • Overcome complicated, time-consuming cleaning and sanitation processes
  • Eliminate belt issues caused by tensioning (e.g., mistracking, elongation, wavy edges)
  • Avoid hygienic risks posed by fabric belts or exposed fabric or yarn reinforcements

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Producing Results

annual trim line savings
hours of cleaning saved annually

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Uncooked bacon strips on Series 900 Raised Rib Heavy Duty Edge conveyor belt

Solution SpotlightSeries 900 Raised Rib Heavy-Duty Edge belt

Decrease downtime and increase throughput with Intralox's robust, fault-tolerant solution for microwave bacon applications

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