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The One and Only DirectDrive System

Reach a higher level of spiral conveyance technology

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DirectDrive technology has revolutionized spiral conveyance by eliminating overdrive, creating reliably smooth operation that performs without interruption.

Today, over 1,000 DirectDrive System spirals are installed in processing plants around the world, delivering improved production, reduced maintenance, and simplified sanitation.

Structure-supported DirectDrive Spiral with no product and metal cagebars
"Celebrating 10 Years of the One and Only DirectDrive System | 2012 - 2022"

How Does It Work

Belt Edge Engagement

The DirectDrive System engages the belt edge directly with the drum, simplifying operation.

Load Reduction Zone

Our revolutionary load reduction zone prolongs the life of the belt and its components by significantly reducing tension and operating with zero slip.

DirectDrive Patented Design

Its dual-diameter configuration keeps the belt engaged with the drive teeth on the spiral drum.

The DirectDrive System is without a doubt a superior technology to metal belting. It has helped optimize our line efficiency, and we do not have to babysit our spiral anymore!

Kevin Harmer
Paragon Engineering Manager
Annual Savings
Crashes or Flip-Ups

DirectDrive System Benefits

  • Creates a positively driven belt with zero overdrive
  • Reduces belt tension
  • Delivers reliably smooth operation
  • Eliminates product orientation issues
  • Ensures consistent system performance

Frozen pizzas on DirectDrive System spiral conveyor

DirectDrive SystemEquipment Solutions

Intralox’s DirectDrive System can be applied to structure-supported or stacker systems.

DirectDrive Structure Supported

DirectDrive Stacker