Conveyor belts and equipment for corrugated material

Intralox works with corrugated plants and equipment manufacturers around the world to improve both corrugated sheet and finished bundle handling.

Our belt equipment solutions help you reduce product loss, operating costs, and downtime, all while improving layout efficiency and flexibility—especially at brownfield corrugated plants. Whether you’re working to reduce packaging weights, increase sustainability, or meet ever-changing printing and e-commerce demands, our packaging industry specialists can help you get the most from your line.

Stacked and bundled corrugated sheets

Corrugated manufacturing applications

Where can Intralox make the difference for you?

Corrugated stack on modular plastic conveyor belt

Mass HandlingSolutions for corrugated mass handling

We invented modular plastic conveyor belting (MPB), and we know it better than anyone. Our straight-running and chain belting solutions for corrugated mass handling provide unparalleled belt strength, stiffness, and sprocket engagement. Whatever the conditions of your application or conveyor, we can work with you to determine the optimal belting solution. 

Advantages of Intralox MPB for corrugated mass handling:

  • Reduces stack creep, instability, and pressure damage on product
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Increases belt life due to impact resistance
  • Offers smooth transfers and better worker safety

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