Intralox FoodSafe

Produce Safe Food. Every Day.

Intralox® FoodSafe™ is a portfolio of services and technology backed by experts to help you produce safe food and protect your brand. We understand the root causes of belt- and conveyor-related foreign material, pathogen, and allergen risk. Our innovative line of FoodSafe products and services can help you optimize your facility’s new or existing conveyors to achieve safety and operational goals.



Your food safety challenges require comprehensive, industry-specific solutions.

Only Intralox offers the research and product development teams, hygienic conveyor design specialists, and the strategic consulting and sanitation training expertise to help your facility process food safely.



Hygienic Conveyor Design Program

Developed in collaboration with you to ensure optimal mechanical and hygienic design of new conveyors

Intralox 360° Start Up℠

Comprehensive program that optimizes conveyor startup, uses ThermoDrive technology, and includes Intralox project coordination throughout the process—from conveyor design to first production cycle

Conveyor Assessments

  • Determine mechanical, sanitation, and chemical-related risks associated with conveyors, including foreign material risk
  • Recommend fixes and follow-up programs

Conveyor Workshops

  • Practical, theoretical, and hands-on training that incorporates examples from Assessment or plant walk-through
  • Encourages plant-wide alignment and a passion for food safety
  • Specialized workshop available to focus on foreign material risk mitigation associated with conveyors

Commercial Food Sanitation

Integrates strategic consulting, expertise, and training to provide durable solutions to food safety and sanitation challenges for food processing plants



Food-Safe Modular Plastic Belting

New, cleanable, detectable, durable, and chemically resistant materials and technologies that address food manufacturing challenges—including belt-related foreign material risk—to give you peace of mind

ThermoDrive Technology

Homogeneous thermoplastic belting with a smooth conveying surface that eliminates harborage points for allergens and pathogens, and makes cleaning in place achievable

ThermoDrive belt with Synchronized Sidewalls and flight

Intralox’s Synchronized Sidewalls provide for enhanced food safety, easier cleaning, and improved control and containment of small or fragile food products conveyed on ThermoDrive belting.

Series 800 Flat Top with Heavy Duty Edge in PK material with meat on surface

S800 Flat Top with Heavy Duty Edge in PK material significantly reduces food safety risk by minimizing belt breakage and improving overall belt performance.

Intralox Takes Aim at Foreign Material Risk

Intralox's new FoodSafe products have been specifically developed to prevent belt-related foreign material risk.

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