Conveyor belts and equipment for bottled and canned beverages

Intralox’s beverage specialists combine deep industry knowledge with innovative technologies and a comprehensive approach to line layout optimization. No matter what you produce—whether it’s beer, wine, soft drinks, water, or anything else that’s bottled or canned—we can ensure you get the most out of your critical conveyance equipment.

With Intralox’s solutions for the beverage industry, you can:

  • Increase operational and energy efficiency by combining multiple pieces of equipment into one
  • Reduce upfront investments and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Eliminate dead plates on case conveyors and mass conveyors
  • Save floor space on new lines or equipment
  • Build future-ready, flexible lines
Bundled eight-packs of orange sports drink transferring across conveyors

Solutions for beverage plants

What can Intralox's belts and equipment help you achieve?

Six-packs of white aluminum cans with cardboard holders being conveyed across a transfer

Equipment InsightsThe Future Is Flexible

System integrators and end users can be ready for anything while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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