Conveyor systems for fish and seafood processing

Fish and seafood processors worldwide trust Intralox conveyor belts and solutions for every part of their operations, including receiving, processing, freezing, packaging, and more. Whether you’re out at sea or back on land, handling small shellfish, large whole fish, canned items, or filets, our industry experts can partner with you to enhance your operations.

Intralox’s fish and seafood industry solutions help you:

  • Protect against Listeria, pathogens, and foreign material contamination (FMC) risks
  • Safeguard food safety and product quality
  • Eliminate unscheduled downtime from belt or conveyor failure
  • Optimize your operations for throughput and reliability
Tray pack with portioned salmon filet on AIM conveyor

Fish and seafood processing applications

Where can Intralox make the difference for you?

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Industry InsightsTop 5 Listeria Hideouts in Seafood Processing Equipment

Where could Listeria be hiding on your conveyors? We’ve created a handy tool that explains what to look for in your plant.

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