Series 2400 Radius with Heavy-Duty Edge

The most hygienic, durable radius belt in the food industry

Minimize foreign material concerns and increase belt life with the most hygienic, durable radius belt in the food industry.

The Intralox Series 2400 Radius belt with Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE) is the food industry’s most snag-resistant radius belt with the longest lasting fatigue life (the length of time a belt can be run without damage or breakage). Its innovative design is paired with our patented Load-Sharing edge (LSE) technology, which reduces downtime and extends belt life by decreasing fatigue failures.

The S2400 Radius HDE belt’s unique design provides a distinctive solution to common radius belt and industry challenges that significantly decrease belt life. As a direct retrofit to legacy S2400 belts, you can upgrade your radius without changing sprockets, designs, or drawings.

Design Features

  • Fault-tolerant edge design
  • Patented Load-Sharing edge (LSE) technology
  • Direct retrofit with legacy S2400 belts—no need to change sprockets, designs, or drawings
  • Arrows on belt edge indicate direction of belt run (patent-pending design)
  • Each module has a directional arrow design cue
  • Smaller belt edge opening area and sculpted module features increase safety and reduce catchpoints
Belt edge arrows on Series 2400 Radius Belt with Heavy Duty Edge

Results from Belt Life Testing

We tested the Series 2400 Radius Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE) belt against our other radius offerings, and radius belts from various competitors. All belts tested were polypropylene (PP). The tests were run under the same conditions until belt failure from fatigue occurred.

In this high-stress belt life and fatigue testing, the S2400 Radius HDE belt lasted more than three times longer than competitors’ radius belt offerings, and more than twice as long as our S2400 Radius with Load-Sharing edge (LSE).

Graph showing results of Series 2400 HDE conveyor belt testing

* Testing conditions: All belts were tested on Intralox's Radius Achilles Machine at 180 lb (81.6 kg), 15 in (381 mm) wide, 2.2 turn ratio

Series 2400 Radius Belt with Heavy Duty Edge Product Highlight screenshot

Download the Product Highlight

For more information, including technical specifications, download our S2400 Radius HDE Product Highlight (PDF).

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