Roncadin Increases Production by 50% with AIM Technology and Intralox Smart Carryway

Two frozen pizzas on an AIM XL Switch

Adjusting and accessing the application parameters with the ISC CAM was simple and didn’t require a controls engineer’s support. Initially, I underestimated the value of the virtual HMI! The ISC CAM solution makes troubleshooting easy. With its diagnostic features, we can see what the problem is without stopping the line.

Federico Filipuzzi
Roncadin Controls Engineer

Customer Objectives

Roncadin is a leading producer of high-quality frozen pizzas. As demand for their products increased, the company decided to expand capacity by adding a second flow pack to each line at their plant in Meduno, Italy. This required an equipment solution to switch production between the two flow packs.

But operators were having trouble finding the root cause of failures whenever a line stopped because its programmable logic controllers (PLCs) provided limited diagnostics. As a result, the facility relied heavily on its highly trained, understaffed maintenance crew to manually access the PLCs and troubleshoot each issue.

Along with reliable machinery, Roncadin wanted an intelligent solution that could deliver real-time diagnostics and collect equipment operating data. The goal? Increase uptime and reduce product losses. They wanted actionable information the moment an issue arose so that plant personnel could ensure production needs are always met.

Intralox Execution

Roncadin installed Intralox’s Active Integrated Motion (AIM) XL Switch, which is ideal for gently handling the company’s 10 in x 15 in (260 mm x 380 mm) rectangular frozen pizzas.

To meet Roncadin’s automation and diagnostic needs, an Intralox Smart Carryway (ISC) Carryway Automation Module (CAM) was integrated into the AIM equipment. The system uses a virtual human machine interface (vHMI) to help employees quickly identify and address the root cause of problems on the line.

PLCs require special software tools and training to write the program as well as adjust the parameters during downtime. But anyone can connect to the ISC CAM’s simple, web-based vHMI to resolve problems. Minimal technical expertise (and no extensive training) is required. Additionally, the ISC CAM automation kit offers benefits such as a small form factor that requires no cabinet building, and simple color-coded cabling for quick installation and commissioning.


The Roncadin plant’s original line had a throughput rate of approximately 5,000 round pizzas per hour. Since installing Intralox’s AIM XL Switch and ISC CAM solutions, the company is able to process over 7,500 rectangular pizzas per hour.

Production is up 50%, maintenance has been reduced, and unscheduled downtime has been eliminated. Even the newest hires can use the ISC CAM to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

Intralox Smart Carryway CAM

The ISC CAM is an innovative and dedicated carryway automation system for Intralox discrete pieces of equipment and licensees. It is capable of collecting field operating data and delivering diagnostics.