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Created to optimize your direct food–contact conveyors, The Intralox® FoodSafe™ System is an unrivaled, in-depth approach to meeting your plant’s daily production goals sustainably.

Our comprehensive system of Products, Services, and Training is designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in uptime, throughput, and food safety.

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Intralox FoodSafe Product Portfolio

Belts, tools, and components reimagined for modern food processing

Cuts of beef on Series 800 HDE PK conveyor belt

Modular Plastic BeltingSimpler, stronger, and safer

Designed to maximize operational performance and food safety, Intralox FoodSafe modular plastic belting (MPB) empowers you to boost uptime and throughput while mitigating foreign material risks.

Available in a range of materials and designs, Intralox FoodSafe MPB includes robust, fault-tolerant options that minimize belt breakage. When paired with our industry-leading expertise and services, Intralox MPB can set your facility on a course of long-term success.


  • Prevent breakage caused by belt mishandling
  • Maximize belt life in high-impact or abrasive applications
  • Increase safeguards with detectable materials
  • Maintain belt strength and durability in high-chemical-exposure applications

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Producing Results

longer belt life
reduced belt costs
less than12months
payback time on new belts
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Food safety and application experts identify and mitigate risks on your lines

  • FoodSafe Conveyor Program (Assessments and Workshops)
  • Field belt splicing and system health checks
  • Conveyor design
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Digital tools and hands-on instruction to elevate your teams’ conveyor expertise