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Connect Your Belts in Minutes—Not Hours—With Intralox ZeroSplice Technology

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The reliable alternative to belt splicing

Intralox® ZeroSplice™ technology enables food processors to connect sections of our ThermoDrive belting quickly and easily without field splicing.

ZeroSplice technology utilizes our fully enclosed ThermoLace™ Heavy-Duty Edge, and can be ordered in all available drive styles, fabrication styles, surface profiles, and accessories.

Why wait? Try ZeroSplice technology—available exclusively from Intralox—for fast, easy, DIY connectivity. And never splice your belts again.

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Connect in Minutes—Not Hours

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A ZeroSplice belt can be installed in minutes at virtually no cost, ensuring proven, fast, and easy do-it-yourself installation.

Rod Markovits
ThermoDrive Global Business Leader at Intralox
less downtime vs. splicing
installation costs



  • Eliminates the need to rely on third parties for splicing services
  • Enables plant personnel to quickly disassemble and reassemble belts


  • Introduces modularity to thermoplastic, positive-drive belting


  • Ensures fast, easy, DIY installation
  • Reduces emergency downtime significantly
  • Facilitates easier belt handling on incline and elevated conveyors

Two sets of hands threading a rod through ThermoLace HDE to join the ends of two sections of ThermoDrive ZeroSplice belting

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