Avigal Reduces Labor by 30% with Intralox AIM Technology

Tray packs of raw chicken move along an AIM Perpetual Merge

With the Intralox AIM equipment, we can actually utilize 30% less staff compared to a conventional system.

Eloy Búa Iglesias
Director of Avigal’s Cambados Plant

Customer Objectives 

Avigal is part of Vall Companys, the leading food group in Spain. Its facility in Galicia focuses on poultry production and processing, which includes breeding hens, hatchery, feed mill, and slaughter. During the planning stages of a new project, Avigal was looking for tray pack handling equipment that could accommodate different SKUs and be flexible enough to absorb production peaks. At the suggestion of their OEM, GUADAÍRA, Avigal chose Intralox to recommend the right conveyance technology.

Intralox Execution 

Early in the process, Intralox worked closely with Avigal and GUADAÍRA to understand the plant’s needs. To help Avigal balance tray pack distribution to their package sealing machines and case packers, our experts recommended Intralox Active Integrated Motion (AIM) equipment.

The installation included five AIM Perpetual Merges enabling the plant to merge trays automatically from three lines into one, and four AIM Multilane Sorters responsible for automatically diverting trays from one line to several at a rate of 120 trays per minute.


As expected, the full automation and line flexibility provided by Intralox AIM technology efficiently absorbs the facility’s production peaks. The equipment’s line throughput balancing capabilities allow for maintenance to occur on downstream machinery without needing to slow down production. With each line optimized to work independently, Intralox’s AIM systems save the plant space by removing the need for auxiliary lines to handle emergencies. Avigal estimates that by choosing AIM automation equipment, the facility requires 30% less staff than if they had installed a conventional system. Officials have been pleased with the support and quick responses from Intralox, which have helped them save space and minimize costs.