A Solution That Stacks Up

The benefits of the DirectDrive System on a space-saving stacker belt

DirectDrive Stacker belt with sideguards

Self-stacking spiralsThe DirectDrive Stacker is an ideal hygienic space-saving solution for low-profile products.

Self-stacking spiral conveyors are not a new technology. But for spiral applications like freezers and proofers—where controlling airflow is critical—the Intralox® DirectDrive™ Stacker lets you reimagine the possibilities.

Built on the same revolutionary technology as DirectDrive Structure Supported spirals, the DirectDrive Stacker can help you:

  • Eliminate expensive, unscheduled production downtime
  • Simplify sanitation and maintenance with fewer product contamination risks
  • Avoid catastrophic events like belt breakage and destacks

The DirectDrive Stacker’s belt supports its own weight on the inner and outer edges, removing the need for a traditional carryway. Compared to a structure-supported spiral, the DirectDrive Stacker requires 99% less carryway while offering twice the amount of belting in the same amount of vertical space.


Plants that adopt the DirectDrive Stacker realize many key benefits, including:

  • Hygienic design that cleans easily, efficiently, and thoroughly
  • Optimal freezing efficiency employing horizontal airflow
  • More tiers in a smaller vertical space
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional self-stackers
  • Smooth, reliable performance


Where can the DirectDrive Stacker deliver value for you?

DirectDrive Stacker conveyor rows with sideguards stacked

Tight Spaces

Whether you’re contending with height restrictions, limited floorspace, or both, the DirectDrive Stacker is your answer. Its compact design means it takes up less space (both vertically and horizontally) than other spiral solutions. This allows you to fit more tiers in the same space and helps reduce maintenance and sanitation needs.

See how upgrading to the DirectDrive Stacker brought THOKS Bakery dramatic improvements despite limited freezer space

Uncooked frozen pastries on DirectDrive Stacker conveyor belt

Shorter Products

DirectDrive Stackers are an excellent option for short or “low-profile” products. Our current sideguard design supports products up to 3.35 in (85 mm) high, and we’re developing taller sideguards to support larger products in the future. Customers have found that the design of the belt and sideguards can also help with product containment.

See how a DirectDrive Stacker saved frozen-foods producer Mountain Top Foods approximately $150,000 US per year