Global Beverage Bottler

Intralox Maximizes Efficiency in Global Beverage Bottler’s Line, Increasing Accumulation by 60–70%

The Intralox ARB Switch S7000 is such a reliable solution that we can keep our mind on production. We have recommended the solution and application to other plants in our company to help them achieve their production goals.

Engineering Management Team
Global Beverage Bottler

Customer Objectives

A global beverage bottler implemented a new line in 2012, on which the slat divider was installed in front of the palletizer. During operation, the customer noticed the accumulation was not large enough to absorb the micro stops of the palletizer, which brought the packer and filler—and therefore, the line—to a halt. Additionally, the slat divider had required weekly maintenance since 2017, costing the global beverage bottler labor and downtime. The beverage bottler needed a solution that would address these issues and improve their line’s overall efficiency.

Intralox Execution

The beverage bottler first considered relocating the slat divider to immediately follow the packer, which would have provided more accumulation. However, the slat divider was 43 in (1,092 mm) wide and the two outfeed centers were 31.5 in (800 mm) wide, while the width of the conveyor was 21.7 in (552 mm); it wasn’t a fit. Even if it had been, this setup would still have required weekly maintenance, and its unreliability would have continued to impact line efficiency.

The beverage bottler approached Intralox looking for a more dependable solution. Upon considering the issues presented, as well as the line’s layout, Intralox recommended an Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Switch S7000 1:2. With no exposed moving parts, the ARB Switch S7000 offers low maintenance requirements and can maneuver products at high throughput rates. In this particular application, it would not only solve the accumulation issues—it would also fit the existing conveyor. Including some other modifications to the line, the project was implemented with just three days of downtime.


The ARB Switch S7000 relieved the plant of its frequent maintenance on the slat divider and increased product accumulation by 60–70%. This immediately eliminated the issues in question along with their costly consequence: unplanned downtime. That—along with the decrease in maintenance between the slat divider and the ARB Switch S7000—increased the line’s efficiency from 80% to 93% and paid back the customer’s investment within the first year after installation.