Welcome to the Future Without Dead Plates

With Intralox’s conveyance solutions, you can leave your dead plates in the past. Eliminate dead plates and you can launch products in new package formats, handle new and existing products on the same line, and maintain high-quality product conveyance.

Aluminum cans on conveyor transfer with no dead plates

The Proven Benefits of No Dead Plates and Intralox’s Dynamic Nose-Roller

Without dead plates, you can reduce damaged products, additional materials needed, customer complaints, stranded products, and equipment jams.

  • Optimize belt performance
  • Decrease conveyor construction and installation time
  • Minimize engineering and manufacturing errors
  • Reduce required/spare parts due to standard widths
  • Eliminate product damage and jams, reducing unscheduled downtime

This is an excellent solution and provides an optimal product flow between the packer and palletizer.

Jose Luis dos Santos
Upton Sales Executive Director
fewer dead plates
hours installation time saved
sq m floor space saved

* Data varies based on application and customer environment