Elevate Your Product, Protect Your Brand.

Intralox ThermoDrive belts are raising the standards for incline-to-packaging applications. In these critical areas—where food has been processed, but not yet packaged—you have the most to lose. Unproven technology is not an option.

With simpler sanitation, reliable performance, and an uncompromising approach to food safety, ThermoDrive incline solutions help you protect the integrity of your product and your brand.

ThermoDrive belt installed in incline application

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Food Safety

ThermoDrive incline-to-packaging solutions help you meet your food safety goals while spending less on sanitation and maintenance. ThermoDrive belts and accessories meet the highest standards for food safety risk mitigation and global hygienic performance standards.

Worried about belt-related foreign material risks? ThermoDrive belts can be cleaned in place on incline conveyors—eliminating the potential for belt damage during removal and reinstallation—and their hinge-free surfaces prevent bacterial harborage.

You can’t afford to take chances with food safety. With ThermoDrive technology, you won’t have to.

Worker testing hygienic properties of a ThermoDrive belt

ThermoDrive technology creates entirely new opportunities for advances in hygienic conveyor design.

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A ThermoDrive belt is one you might actually enjoy cleaning. Its lighter weight means it’s easy to lift and clean in place. Its surface is fully closed, dries quickly, and is easy to wipe down—all of which ensure faster startups and product changeovers.

With simpler, more efficient sanitation along your inclines, you’ll dramatically reduce the time and money you spend. Our customers have decreased sanitation costs by as much as 75%.

Most significantly, you can reduce cleaning and changeover time up to 50%. This means more uptime—for maintenance, inspections, or production—to help you increase throughput.

The support from Intralox and Commercial Food Sanitation has been amazing…both companies are extremely professional, they’re friendly, and they do whatever it takes to get it done.

Dave Morris
McEntire Produce Senior VP of Operations
Worker lifting ThermoDrive belt to clean
Up to
less cleaning time along incline-to-packaging applications


The patented ThermoDrive tensionless belt system ensures reliable, predictable performance and eliminates the need for tension adjustments. Combined with lighter belt weight, this makes sanitation more efficient and frees up time for preventive maintenance.

Belts can be easily cleaned in place, which ensures extended belt life by eliminating the need for frequent removal or reinstallation.

ThermoDrive-equipped inclines help you decrease total cost of ownership by reducing operations and maintenance costs and eliminating unscheduled, belt-related downtime.

The end result is a conveyor that gets the job done, has the best sanitary characteristics, and is easy to work with.

Butch Potter
Martin's Potato Chips Chief Operating Officer
A ThermoDrive-equipped incline


As the pioneer of FoodSafe conveyance, Intralox delivers results that matter to our customers.

ThermoDrive Incline-to-Packaging Retrofit Reduces Changeover Time by 58%
more uptime weekly for production and preventative maintenance