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Modular plastic belting options for friction-driven spiral systems

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Low-tension spiral conveyor beltsThe benefits of modular plastic belting, optimized for friction-driven spirals.

Intralox modular plastic spiral belts help customers optimize friction-driven spiral conveyors for applications like proofers, coolers, and freezers. A lightweight alternative to metal belts, Intralox belts are more durable, more reliable, and easier to maintain and repair. Our dedicated team of spiral experts can help you determine the right solution to meet the needs of your product, industry, application, and plant.

Intralox optimized our old spiral equipment and installed their modular plastic spiral belting which helped us solve all the issues we were facing with our old wire mesh belts. With their products and services, they have provided us with a solution that truly meets all our production objectives.

Eiji Nohara
General Manager of Processed Food – Business Division at Marui Shokuhin


Intralox’s belt solutions for friction-driven spirals provide key benefits, including:

  • Longer belt life with less belt wear
  • Simplified cleaning, maintenance, and repairs
  • Lighter weight than metal belt solutions
  • No metal work like cutting, grinding, or welding required
  • Reduced risk of product loss or contamination


Where can an Intralox friction-driven belt deliver value for you?

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Optimized Retrofits

Our belts are designed to accommodate both new and existing spirals. Often, the right Intralox belt can help you overcome the challenges of your current system while avoiding the costs, downtime, and stresses of a new spiral installation. Our Optimization Services Group (OSG) can partner with you to design an ideal retrofit solution and manage your retrofit project from start to finish.

See how an Intralox modular plastic solution helped Marui Shokuhin reduce yield loss by 90% in its friction-driven spirals

Blue friction-driven spiral conveyor belt

Small Footprints

By making better use of available vertical space, spiral conveyors allow you to store, process, and handle a large amount of product within a relatively small footprint. If your line layout restricts available floor space, a friction-driven spiral equipped with Intralox spiral belting is a viable option.