Abrasion Resistant

Patented technology, proven results: the Intralox Abrasion Resistant System

Intralox is continually researching and developing new products that are designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Our new Abrasion Resistant System has already proven to be a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution in wet, abrasive receiving and processing applications. Customers have experienced the benefits of this patented technology in increased productivity and greater process reliability.

Proven Success
Intralox’s abrasion-resistant solutions have proven to last 2-2½ times longer than any other modular plastic conveyor belt solution in even the most abrasive environments, such as millroom dip tanks in tire plants, crate handling in returnable glass breweries, and receiving applications in vegetable processing. Additionally, the Abrasion Resistant System has eliminated unscheduled downtime and reduced maintenance and scheduled downtime to a fraction, compared to heavy-duty rubber belts, PVC belts, flat wire belts, and chain-driven metal belts. The proven technology of the belt is so effective that Intralox offers written performance guarantees.

About the Technology
Each component of the Abrasion Resistant System is designed to deliver greater service life in highly abrasive applications. The effective technology behind the system is patented and guarantees resistance to wear and impact.

  • Dual Rods—Employing Intralox dual rod technology, the Abrasion Resistant System dramatically reduces wear in the hinge area by eliminating the sliding motion that causes premature belt failure.
  • Belt—The robust, abrasion-resistant conveyor belt is molded in a high-performance, abrasion-resistant nylon material, which reduces water absorption to 1% or less. The Flush Grid surface of the belt has 37% open area to facilitate the flow-through of water.
  • Sprockets—High-performance sprockets are molded in an ultra-abrasion-resistant polyurethane material. Lug teeth provide great strength and longer service life, and the greatly enlarged wear surface is designed to reduce wear.

“For two seasons now, Intralox’s Abrasion Resistant System has performed exceptionally on our tomato receiving applications. Our production process reliability has improved with Intralox technology—we’re achieving target production in less time. Throughout the season, Intralox was continually available to provide us with expert service when we needed it. Any problems that arose were responded to quickly and resolved within a short turnaround time. With the help of Intralox engineers, we achieved zero conveyor-related downtime on our bulk elevators during the 2007 processing season.”

Hans Bruner, Maintenance Manager, Pacific Coast Producers, Woodland, CA

“Switching to Intralox, we reduced unscheduled downtime by 95% [on our tomato receiving applications] in the 2006 processing season. We were very impressed by the performance of the abrasion-resistant technology.”

Ivin Rhyne, Production Superintendent, Pacific Coast Producers, Woodland, CA

“We switched to the Intralox Abrasion Resistant System solution and had zero downtime in the 2006 processing season. I didn't realize there could be such a difference in performance and quality from one belt to another, but there is. Intralox's product means no downtime and saving money.”

Ron German, Ingomar Packing, Los Banos, CA

“Since installing the Abrasion Resistant System three years ago on our flume discharge, we’ve reduced unscheduled downtime dramatically by 90%. The belt has performed as Intralox promised—it’s long-lasting and has significantly improved the performance of our potato receiving line.”

Case Studies