Say Goodbye to Splicing with Intralox ZeroSplice Technology

Connect ThermoDrive belting sections quickly and easily without field splicing

Two sets of hands threading a rod through ThermoLace HDE to join the ends of two sections of ThermoDrive ZeroSplice belting

Intralox unveiled their latest innovation, ZeroSplice technology, to offer food processors a reliable alternative to splicing their belts.

ZeroSplice technology enables food processors to connect ThermoDrive belting sections quickly and easily without field splicing. This modular approach—like Intralox’s invention of modular plastic belting over 50 years ago—allows plants to stock standard belt sections for repairs, drastically reducing belt disassembly and reassembly time.

“Traditional methods of splicing can take hours and the quality of the splice can be inconsistent,” said Rod Markovits, ThermoDrive Global Business Leader at Intralox. “A ZeroSplice belt can be installed in minutes at virtually no cost, ensuring proven, fast, and easy do-it-yourself installation.”

ZeroSplice technology utilizes Intralox’s fully-enclosed ThermoLace Heavy-Duty Edge. It’s compatible with Intralox’s full range of ThermoDrive products, including lug-driven and drive bar–driven products. Customers can now use these products without investing in splicing equipment or relying on third-party splicing service providers.

Founded in 1971, Intralox is globally headquartered in the United States with locations around the world including Europe, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, India, and Japan.

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