Service and Support to Keep You Ready for Anything

Two workers use a pallet truck to move boxes in a warehouse

Comprehensive Services and Support at Every Project Stage

As part of our Packer to Palletizer portfolio, end users and OEMs have access to a suite of services, regardless of where you are in your project stage. 

Clear glass bottles with clear liquid on conveyor belt

Layout optimization

  • Line layout consulting enables optimized layouts for small footprints

Technical recommendations

  • Conveyor and installation guidelines reduce engineering costs and risks
  • Customized 3D Conveyor Configuration tool reduces risk and time to design conveyors

Short lead time/stable supply chain

  • Most industrial standard belts and sprockets available for same-day shipping at no cost
Worker inspecting packaging conveyor with boxes

24/7 customer service in select regions

  • Toll-free access to Intralox experts 24/7 in North America, Europe, and China

99%+ on-time shipping and order accuracy

Same-day shipping for the most common belts in standard widths (most markets)

Guaranteed same-day emergency shipping

Regular maintenance training and health checkups

Belt performance guaranteed in all applications recommended by an Intralox representative or your money back—unconditionally

Intralox’s Triangulation Program

With our Triangulation Program, Intralox partners directly with OEMs and end users to reduce risk for all involved. Communication early in the project life cycle allows us to apply our industry expertise and combine it with innovative Intralox technology and services to decrease project timelines and minimize troubleshooting.

Watch the video above for an in-depth look at how Packer to Palletizer services enable line layout optimization.