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Gentle, automated switching divides lines while maintaining product integrity and orientation

Clamshells of cherries travel on an Intralox AIM Switch

Hygienic lane-switching conveyorsSwitch products up to four times faster than standard pusher, paddle, and mechanical arms without the challenges of metal slat switches.

Intralox Active Integrated Motion (AIM) Switches gently divide lines while maintaining product integrity, styling, and orientation. Their reliable, automated performance helps packagers and food processors reduce labor dependence. Ideal for sealer infeeds, the AIM Switch’s moving pegs allow for a gentler product handling experience, eliminating the blunt impact that can occur with fixed rails or pushers. Designed for a washdown environment, AIM belting’s single-sculpted and robust design allows for easy cleanability in critical switching areas.

The AIM solution provides the ultimate guarantee for meeting our automatic packaging efficiency goals and reaching 100% productivity.

Christophe Verdier
Madrange Industrial Project Manager


Plants that adopt AIM Switch technology realize many key benefits, including:

  • Increase throughput rates to match other parts of the line
  • Eliminate package jams, drag, and misalignment 
  • Requires no lubrication, minimizing contamination risk
  • Handles products gently with no fixed rails needed
  • Reduce labor dependence for rework

Equipment Options

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Loaves of bread cascading across AIM Glide Switch

AIM Glide

AIM Glide™ is a gentle, hygienic automation solution that eliminates unscheduled downtime and jams while requiring 75% less maintenance and 50% less cleaning time than metal slat switches.

Easy to clean and operationally safe, AIM Glide requires no lubrication and prevents the need for rework labor to clear jams or realign product.

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The Intralox AIM Switch 26 in (660 mm) can be configured either 2:1 or 1:2, with left or right infeeds and outfeeds to meet your needs. It enables line speeds of up to 200 ft (60 m) per minute, with gaps as small as 3.4 in (86 mm), helping you increase throughput and line efficiency.

See how an AIM Switch helped ready-meal processor Marie reduce labor and maintenance costs by 92%

Surface of AIM belt with pegs

Wide Switch

With its extended width, the AIM Switch 36 in (914 mm) allows you to divide lines and ensure gentle handling for larger products across many industries. It’s an excellent solution for larger packaged and unpackaged food items, as well as empty boxes and crates. Like the standard AIM Switch, it can be configured either 2:1 or 1:2—with left or right infeeds and outfeeds—at line speeds of up to 200 ft per minute and with gapping as small as 3.4 in (86 mm). For more details, contact Intralox Customer Service.