New Technology Unveiled at the International Baking Industry Exposition

AIM Glide reduces maintenance and cleaning time

Loaves of bread cascading across AIM Glide Switch

Zero unscheduled downtime and food safety were the talk of bakers at IBIE 2022 as Intralox introduced the newest addition to its Active Integrated Motion (AIM) equipment portfolio: AIM Glide™. The latest release offers bakers a more reliable option for switching bread compared to metal slat switches.

Traditional metal slat switches create product damage and jams and are often difficult to repair, leading to unscheduled downtime. In contrast, the AIM Glide offers zero unscheduled downtime, no jams, and 75% less maintenance. Other benefits include 50% less cleaning time and gentle product handling while maintaining product orientation.

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For more information, including food safety and operational benefits for bakery plants, download our AIM Glide for Bakery Application Highlight (PDF).

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“Eliminating unscheduled downtime eliminates a main concern for bakers,” said Jeremy Shall, Intralox North America Bakery and Snack Industry Team Leader. “By combining an automation solution that’s also easy to clean, we believe bakers will see immediate benefits versus traditional technology.”

AIM Glide utilizes Intralox’s AIM technology, which is used in gentle product handling applications across several industries, including food processing, packaging, and brewing and beverage. AIM sorting, switching, and merging equipment is designed to perform in multiple environments, including washdown, to promote cleanability and line flexibility and reduce dependence on labor.

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