Global Beverage Bottler

Leading Global Beverage Bottler Reduces Annual Downtime by 36 Hours with Intralox Solution

Since the Intralox install, we have had no downtime resulting from the curve. This is a great example of problem solving, improving line efficiency and throughput, and reducing operational costs.

Plant Operations Manager
Global Beverage Bottler

Customer Objectives

A leading U.S.-based bottler for a popular global beverage brand was experiencing issues on its 180-degree radius conveyor belt. A competitor’s modular plastic radius conveyor belt was breaking and wearing excessively. This resulted in unplanned downtime, expensive repair labor, and high belt replacement costs with losses on production time.

Intralox Execution

The bottler wanted to reduce unplanned downtime, improve line efficiency, and decrease belt replacement costs. They chose an Intralox solution due to Intralox’s high service standards and unique technology. Through Intralox’s recommendation, the bottler retrofit its conveyor to the Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning belt with Edge Bearing and Load-Sharing Edge. This solution evenly distributes belt loads, which minimizes fatigue failures, and allows nose-roller transfers to handle a wide product range.

As part of the retrofit process, Intralox also redesigned the bottler’s conveyor system. Rather than using two 90-degree curves, Intralox S2300 belting is strong enough to make a continuous 180-degree radius belt.


Intralox helped the bottler eliminate one motor and one transfer while simplifying the layout by redesigning the conveyor system with reliable solutions. Intralox’s solutions helped reduce unplanned downtime, and lowered belt wear and replacement costs. This resulted in belt replacement savings of 120 ft per year. The bottler has reported no issues with the solution and has reduced downtime by 36 hours annually, increasing productivity and efficiency. They will experience full payback on the solution in nine months.