A Straight Line to Reliability

Optimize your straight-running food belts

ThermoDrive conveyor belt

Straight-line positive-drive beltsMinimize risk in horizontal food conveyance and simplify the production of safe food, every day.

Horizontal conveyor belts should be predictable, reliable, and simple to operate—in short, the last thing you need to think about. If you're experiencing problems, even minor ones, there may be serious issues with the belt you're using.

Intralox ThermoDrive straight-running belts protect product quality between processing steps across your A-to-B conveyors. ThermoDrive straight belts create opportunities to simplify, stabilize, and improve the operational and hygienic performance of your plant’s food-processing lines to deliver total reliability.

We are very satisfied with the installation of the ThermoDrive belts from Intralox. The results meet our expectations in terms of hygiene and maintenance, as well as support from the Intralox team.

Enrique Freire
Cabomar Congelados S.A. General Manager


ThermoDrive straight-running belts offer many key benefits, including:

  • Simplifying the reliability of A-to-B conveyance
  • Enabling longer conveyors with fewer transfers
  • Creating opportunities for streamlined conveyor designs
  • Lightweight, hinge-free belting that can be easily lifted and cleaned in place


Where can a ThermoDrive straight belt deliver value for you?

Worker inspecting ThermoDrive conveyor with flashlight

Reliability and Predictability

There are “blue belts,” and then there is ThermoDrive belting. Our straight-running belts deliver hygienic conveyance that won’t impact product quality. No other manufacturer offers a homogeneous thermoplastic product that combines the cleanability of solid surface belts with the operational reliability of modular plastic belting.

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ThermoDrive straight-line positive-drive belt on conveyor

Simplified Operation

With no take-up or tensioning devices to manage, the patented ThermoDrive tensionless belt system offers simple and reliable conveyance, especially compared to tension-driven belts. Only ThermoDrive technology allows food processors to drive a loose belt reliably and predictably on a conveyor, resulting in reduced mistracking and improved belt life.

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ThermoDrive belt raised by belt lifters

Sanitation Efficiency

The monolithic, flat surface of ThermoDrive straight belts features no openings or hinges, making the belts extremely easy to clean. With reduced water usage and minimized cleaning time, customers equipped with ThermoDrive belts capture more uptime in their facilities.

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