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Solutions optimized for product control on transfers and moderate inclines

ThermoDrive Nub Top belt wrapped around sprockets

Grip- and Release-Top Conveyor BeltsReduce carry-over and improve yield with the right belt-surface profile.

Intralox’s grip-top and release-top surface profiles for ThermoDrive belting include Nub Top™, Ribbed V-Top™, and Embedded Diamond Top belts, as well as matte finishes for flat-top belting. These surface options greatly improve product control on your belt, especially for moderate-incline applications and transfers to and from other conveyors. Our product experts can help you determine the right solution to improve product yield, protect product quality, and reduce sanitation efforts and food-safety risks.

Whether you’re trying to increase yield or just make things easier for your maintenance crews—for smaller products, frozen products, or tricky applications—the right surface profile can make all the difference.

Jim Honeycutt
Jim Honeycutt
Intralox ThermoDrive Product Manager


ThermoDrive grip-top surface profiles offer many key benefits:

  • Reduce changeover, cleaning, and sanitation time by up to 15 hours per week
  • Excellent product grip for moderate-incline conveyance
  • Superior product release for many products
  • Prevention of product loss and carry-over

Surface Options

Which belt surface option best meets your needs?

ThermoDrive Nub Top belt corner

Nub Top

The ThermoDrive Nub Top belt surface provides superior product control to help prevent product loss and carry-over. It’s especially well suited for slippery products, sticky products, and moderate or steep inclines. By trapping air underneath the product, Nub Top belts enable improved release for bulk products like raw potato fries and ground beef patties.

Download our ThermoDrive Nub Top Product Highlight (PDF)

ThermoDrive Ribbed V-Top surface

Ribbed V-Top

The ThermoDrive Ribbed V-Top belt allows you to elevate bulk product, without flights, on inclines with angles up to 30 degrees. Suitable for small, delicate products like frozen berries or pizza toppings, its design helps decrease lost or damaged products by preventing them from sliding or rolling back.

Download our ThermoDrive Ribbed V-Top Product Highlight (PDF)

ThermoDrive Embedded Diamond Top belt sidewall

Embedded Diamond Top

ThermoDrive technology’s proven Embedded Diamond Top belt surface provides excellent release in applications with sticky, wet, or enrobed products. Its accurate product release capabilities reduce carry-over and increase yield.

Download our ThermoDrive Embedded Diamond Top Product Highlight (PDF)

ThermoDrive straight-running belt with matte finish

Matte Finish

For many applications, ThermoDrive belts with matte finishes can help improve product release compared to glossy-finish alternatives. This helps you increase product yield while ensuring reliability, especially at transfers.