Reliability When You Need It Most

Belt materials designed to withstand the toughest environments

Variety of cheese puff snacks on incline ThermoDrive A23 belt with flights and Synchronized Sidewalls

Extreme condition conveyor solutionsExtend belt life in the most challenging food-processing conditions.

The harsh conditions of certain food-processing environments can negatively impact the life and quality of your belt. Intralox’s specially engineered ThermoDrive belt materials help you maximize belt life and effectiveness in the most challenging conditions in your plant, including:

  • High-impact, heavy loads
  • Extreme temperatures: -30°F to 212°F (-34.4°C to 100°C)
  • Humid areas prone to hydrolysis or belt decomposition
  • Abrasive, highly seasoned, or gritty environments

Whatever your challenge, the right ThermoDrive solution can help you lower your total cost of ownership while improving food safety and reliability.

Once we switched to the ThermoDrive belt, cleaning was made much simpler because there were no cracks and crevices. That engineering solution solved our problem.

Cory Kennedy
Calbee Corporate Engineer


Our specially engineered ThermoDrive belt solutions can deliver:

  • Higher standards for expected belt life
  • Increased throughput
  • Reliable belt performance
  • Simpler, more reliable sanitation


Where can ThermoDrive belts make the difference for you?

ThermoDrive Cold Use belt

Extreme Temperatures

Our ThermoDrive HTL and ThermoDrive Cold Use belt materials give you the benefits of ThermoDrive technology at both ends of the temperature spectrum. ThermoDrive HTL material provides for continuous operation, with superior belt pull capabilities, at 60°F–210°F (15°C–100°C), even under heavy loads. ThermoDrive Cold Use material offers enhanced flexibility and continuous operation in cold environments between -30°F and 20°F (-34.4°C and 6.7°C).

Download our ThermoDrive Cold Use Material Product Highlight (PDF)

ThermoDrive Dura belt with flights

Heavy Duty

ThermoDrive Dura E material offers the highest belt-pull rating available on the market for positive-drive, tensionless flighted belts. As the most impact-resistant material in the ThermoDrive line, it’s designed to increase belt and accessory life, minimize downtime, and protect against foreign material contamination. Dura is especially well suited for applications requiring industry-standard sanitizers.

Download our ThermoDrive Dura E Product Highlight (PDF)

ThermoDrive A23 belt with scoops and Synchronized Sidewalls


Hydrolysis is any chemical reaction in which water molecules rupture one or more chemical bonds. When hydrolysis occurs on a belt—as it can (and often does) in humid and highly seasoned or oily environments—it can lead to cracks, degradation, and the potential for bacterial harborage.

Hydrolysis resistant in warm or hot, humid environments, ThermoDrive A23 PUR material provides for extended belt life with high belt-pull strength and superior product release.

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