• SmartPath Singulator and Gapper

Your Middle and Last Miles Just Got Shorter

The most compact, precise, and labor-efficient solution available for e‑commerce

SmartPath Singulator and Gapper with packages on belt and no signage

Sustained labor scarcity and high volumes of difficult-to-handle parcels have made it critical to automate middle and last mile processes.

Intralox’s SmartPath™ Singulator and Gapper is the first and only machine to combine two of those upstream functions into one on a continuous conveyance surface, reducing both labor and footprint while increasing overall throughput.

Its innovative design features the smallest activation zones ever seen in the material handling market. Combined with a single motor and one continuous conveyance surface, the SmartPath Singulator and Gapper offers reliable performance and precise control of even the most difficult-to-handle packages.

Up to42%
less footprint required than other market solutions
Up to60%
condensed footprint when paired with ARB Sorter S7000

Key Features and Benefits

Small, Independent Activation Zones

  • Small zones reduce machine footprint to allow automation in confined spaces
  • Superior precision and low error rates increase throughput and minimize rework

Simple Mechanisms

  • Reliable performance and quick repairs maximize uptime, lowering the total cost of ownership

SmartPath Singulator and Gapper with signage and no packages

Equipment InsightsSmartPath Singulator and Gapper

Watch our videos to explore the value of this innovative equipment, along with its origins and design principles.

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