AIM Equipment

Redirect Products Gently, Quickly, Automatically

Sort reliably with automated decision-making at throughputs that match the rest of your line

Traypacks with raw chicken breasts on AIM Sorter

Hygienic sorting conveyorsGently diverts products while maintaining integrity and orientation at speeds up to four times faster than standard pusher and paddle arms.

Intralox Active Integrated Motion (AIM) Sorters allow you to redirect product at different angles and high speeds while maintaining product orientation. The equipment’s automated moving pegs and single-sculpted, robust belt design provide gentler handling than fixed rails, pusher and paddle arms, or conventional labor. AIM Sorters allow manufacturers to eliminate unscheduled downtime and increase throughput while running line speeds as fast as 200 ft (61 m) per minute.

AIM Sorters enhance performance across your line, especially in these applications:

  • Sorters
  • Reject sorters
  • Line balancing assignment
  • Rework lines and line diverters
  • Checkweighers over and under weighing diverters

Designed for a washdown environment, AIM belting’s single-sculpted and robust design allows for easy cleanability in critical sorting areas.

The smart design of the AIM Sorter provides good flexibility and offers an ergonomic solution that simplifies our working station.

Thierry Brisseau
Galliance Maintenance Manager


Plants that implement AIM sorting technology realize many key benefits, including:

  • Gentle product handling
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Stable product orientation
  • Improved line flexibility
  • Increased throughput and cleanability

Equipment Options

Which solution is right for you?

Traypacks with raw chicken drumsticks on AIM Sorter


The AIM Sorter 14 in (358 mm) gently and accurately sorts products to narrow spurs and perpendicular outfeeds, all while maintaining product orientation. Its unique design allows for the sortation of products at different angles within a small overall footprint. With gentle product handling at high speeds, the AIM Sorter 14 in (358 mm) can match the speeds of other equipment in your lines to maximize throughput.

See how an AIM Sorter helped poultry processor Galliance increase throughput by 31%

Traypacks with various meats on AIM Multilane Sorter

Multilane Sorter

The AIM Multilane Sorter gently and precisely sorts to multiple adjacent lines at high speeds, regardless of outfeed angle, all while maintaining product orientation. This solution is configurable to accommodate up to 20 sort zones at a max length of up to 100 ft (30 m).

See how an AIM Multilane Sorter solution helped Gerber Poultry save $280,000 annually

Surface of AIM belt with pegs

Extra Width

The AIM Sorter 21 in (533 mm) and AIM Multilane Sorter 21 in (533 mm) offer extra width compared to our 14-in (358 mm) sorter options. This extra surface area allows you to sort and gently handle larger products across industries, from packaged and unpackaged food to empty boxes and crates. For more details, contact Intralox Customer Service.