The Future Is Flexible

Enabling flexible solutions for sustainable package handling

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The explosion of new SKUs that need to run on the same line as existing products is forcing plants to adopt a flexible approach to modern conveyance. These new products — including sustainable packaging — need to move faster and more gentle in less space, stretching the limitations of traditional solutions.

System integrators and end users need to be ready for anything, while continue to seek higher efficiency and lower costs. You need full flexibility. This includes product and equipment flexibility.

Product flexibility

Often, consumers don't realize they are contributing to the proliferation of SKUs in the market. They don’t understand the challenge of running multiple different products on the same line and that those products may also have different types of packages and sizes.

But you live that challenge. And you don’t want to change your equipment every time you introduce a new SKU, which you’re doing almost daily. You also can’t take up more valuable floor space to accommodate it.

Ideally, you’d have a partner who can help optimize your line to handle those multiple products today and into the future.

Did You Know? An average of 13 different SKUs can be run on a single piece of Intralox equipment.

Equipment flexibility

In addition to product flexibility, you’d also benefit from equipment flexibility. Here, a single piece of equipment has the flexibility to handle those multiple SKUs. Equipment that combines multiple functions in a smaller footprint while saving costs is key.

With that type of equipment flexibility, you could make major line upgrades like adding an extra packer to increase the number of SKUs you can handle.

Intralox’s Paul Neuschwander explains product and equipment flexibility and the benefits they bring to optimized layouts. Sustainable packaging? Yes. We can handle that, too.

Full flexibility, maximum benefits

Let’s say you’ve attained the flexibility to run newly launched product and existing products and you’re running them on equipment that has multiple functionalities. What are you now achieving?

First and foremost, you’re saving money. If your line is flexible enough to be ready for anything, with less equipment, you’re saving by:

  • Investing in less equipment
  • Seeing operational costs decrease
  • Spending less on capital investments
  • Reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Experiencing decreased total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reducing unplanned downtime by about 36 hours annually

Combined with increases in productivity and efficiency, an average customer can expect full payback on the solution in about nine months.

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Success Spotlight: Grupo Petrópolis

Leading Brazilian brewer Grupo Petrópolis reduced part replacement costs by 92% and achieved payback on in six months with cost savings of 99%.

Discover How

Future flexible

Your journey to full flexibility yields the best results when you actively plan ahead. By anticipating new and different future SKUs, you can reduce your investment costs for years to come.

Advanced planning can include using your warehouse space more efficiently to reduce opportunity costs. That planning could help use that space wisely, with equipment that’s quick to install, has multiple functionalities, and increases productivity.

From there, you’ll see that reduction in downtime, training time, spare parts, and in equipment. Most importantly, you’ll see it in the bad investments you’ve avoided thanks to strategic planning decisions and your expert partners.

Intralox customers not only convey sustainable packaging, they do it gently and with the highest throughputs in the industry. Rob de Waal explains how we’re continuously improving to meet market demands.

Future-ready, flexible lines today

A strong partnership with Intralox can make a future ready, flexible line possible. No matter how you work with Intralox – as a system integrator or as an end user – you’ll have the expertise and support needed from the start.

Together we can reduce risk, lower costs, and prepare for the future. The only risk you take is by not taking advantage of consulting with Intralox early in your project stages.

Want to handle multiple SKUs, including sustainable packaging, on the same line today and in the future? Connect with Intralox to discover how you can.

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