New ThermoDrive A23 Material Extends Belt Life on Snack Inclines

Intralox’s new ThermoDrive belts in polyurethane A23 material can help you significantly extend belt life along snack incline-to-packaging conveyors.

Warm or hot conditions in snack food processing can take a toll on conventional polyurethane belts, dramatically shortening a belt’s useful life. A23 material is designed to overcome these challenges, making it ideal for incline applications in the snack industry—especially highly seasoned products like hot, spicy, or acidic snacks or chips.

Once we switched to the ThermoDrive belt, cleaning was made much simpler because there were no cracks and crevices. That engineering solution solved our problem.

Cory Kennedy
Calbee Corporate Engineer

When compared against conventional polyurethane, Intralox A23 polyurethane offers distinct advantages:

  • Delivers significant belt life, even in the most difficult applications (including extruded and highly acidic snack products)
  • Maintains performance at temperatures up to 50% higher than conventional polyurethane
    • A23 belt temperature rating: 212°F (100°C)
    • Conventional polyurethane: 140°F (60°C)
  • Effective resistance to moisture
  • 25% higher belt pull strength
  • Dramatically reduces your total ownership costs

ThermoDrive belts with polyurethane A23 material can be equipped with flights and Synchronized Sidewalls to ensure optimal product containment.

ThermoDrive belts are raising the standards for incline-to-packaging applications. Learn more

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