Intralox Unveils Latest Update to Singulator Portfolio

Smart Singulator delivers fast, compact, and reliable singulation

The Smart Singulator identifying parcels and separating the flow into a single-file flow of items

Separating and singulating at unsurpassed throughput within a small footprint is now possible with the release of the Intralox Smart Singulator. The Smart Singulator takes a bulk flow of small parcels and de-stacks, identifies, and singulates that flow into a single-file flow of items. It does this using vision, and proven Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology, at the highest rates in the industry at up to 14,000 pph. 

The Smart Singulator improves efficiency and reduces downtime by providing unique functionality to separate any item during singulation, including oversize parcels and stacks, that may cause an error or machine damage in downstream equipment. 

“This machine is more poised for future growth,” said Matt Fourney, Intralox Research and Development Manager. “As the ecommerce market changes in the future, the Smart Singulator is ready to take on the added challenges in its current form.”  

Powered by Intralox Smart Control technology, the Smart Singulator reduces downtime and maintenance while improving efficiency. To learn more, click here.

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