• Smart Singulator

Fast, Compact, and Reliable Singulation

Separate and singulate at unsurpassed rates within a small footprint with the Intralox Smart Singulator.

The Smart Singulator identifying parcels and separating the flow into a single-file flow of items

The Intralox® Smart Singulator™ takes a bulk flow of small parcels and de-stacks, identifies, and singulates that flow into a single-file flow of items. It does this via a sensor array, and proven ARB technology, at the highest rates in the industry. 

Powered by Intralox Smart Control technology, the Smart Singulator reduces downtime and maintenance while improving efficiency.


  • Get the fastest, most reliable throughput at rates up to 14,000 pph
  • Improve efficiency and reduce downtime by automatically separating any item during singulation, including oversize parcels and stacks, that may cause an error or machine damage in downstream equipment


  • Reduce downtime and maintenance with future ready, proven technology that can change as your ecommerce market changes
  • Over 10,000 proven ARB installations globally


  • Reduce dependency on operator skill 
  • Train to operate in minutes


  • Reduce total footprint
  • Provide downstream sorters with additional room for the maximum number of sortable destinations
Intralox Smart Singulator

Equipment InsightsSmart Singulator

What sets this game-changing technology apart? Intralox R&D Manager Matt Fourney explains.

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