Intralox Celebrates 50 Years of Transforming Movement

Intralox leads the way in the evolution of modern conveyance

Intralox: Reliably Inventive Since 1971

Fifty years ago, J.M. Lapeyre had a problem. How could he safely deliver shrimp to the automatic peeler he invented while eliminating the maintenance and downtime of traditional conveyor belting? A problem solver, J.M. invented the first modular plastic conveyor belt. This year, Intralox celebrates 50 years of bringing conveyance solutions to food processors, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies with its year-long anniversary celebration.

Today, Intralox employs over 2,500 team members around the world and is trusted by 60,000 customers in over 100 countries. Its extensive portfolio of technologies and services is powered by a culture of continuous improvement, evident in its 1,500 patents around the world. These technologies enhance food safety, power logistics, and solve challenges for Intralox customers.

“Innovation fuels our growth and success at Intralox, but at the heart of our company is our people and our shared values of honesty, integrity, and respect,” said Intralox President Edel Blanks. “We have a long-term view of business which has allowed us to create successful customer partnerships for 50 years.”

Intralox founder J.M. Lapeyre at a tradeshow in 1973

Intralox founder J.M. Lapeyre at a tradeshow in 1973

Major innovations and milestones include:

  • Inventing the modular plastic conveyor belt in 1971, later patented in 1975.
  • Laitram President Jay Lapeyre introducing the Laitram Business Philosophy in 1987, emphasizing continuous improvement, a belief in unlimited human potential, a focus on customer value, and a “challenge culture” that promotes constructive disagreement in the pursuit of objectivity.
  • Launching our direct-to-customer business model in 1990, giving customers immediate access to experts for questions about solutions and trends for their industry. Today, Intralox supports customers from 12 strategic global locations, allowing Intralox to offer customers over 200,000 belt configurations with the strongest guarantees in the industry. More than 99% of orders ship on time and accurately.
  • Patenting the Roller Top belt in 2000, a major innovation for the tire and material handling industries. Over 10,000 Activated Roller Belt (ARB) conveyors have met the demand worldwide for efficient and reliable sorting, merging, turning, and singulating. Intralox recently invested in facilities in Baltimore (2019) and Amsterdam (2020) to support the growing material handling industry. 
  • Partnering with Mol in 2008 to become the exclusive provider of ThermoDrive belts. Since then, Intralox opened an R&D center—the Intralox Center of Excellence for Food Safety and Hygiene—and ThermoDrive production centers in New Orleans (2019) and Amsterdam (2020) to enhance food safety quality for food producers around the world.
  • Patenting the DirectDrive System in 2012 to enable food processors around the world to experience smooth and reliable performance in dwell-time applications.
  • Acquiring Commercial Food Sanitation in 2012, bringing strategic consulting, expertise, and training to food processing plants. Combined with Intralox FoodSafe™ belting, the Commercial Food Sanitation team helps customers achieve safety and operational goals.
  • Expanding our global facilities from 2018–2020 in Australia, North America, Europe, and China to accommodate product growth and customer demand.

“Our direct business model has created unique customer relationships for us based upon years of trust and continuous improvement,” Blanks said. “Our growth over the past 10 years has been just amazing. I’m in awe of our employees in every aspect of our business, their passion and ideas for improving our products and business. I look forward to sharing and celebrating this milestone with our customers and employees throughout the year.”

About Intralox

Intralox is the global conveyance solutions leader, offering direct service for a broad range of industries in more than 100 countries. We specialize in innovative technologies, including modular plastic conveyor belting, ThermoDrive technology, DirectDrive spiral systems, and ARB equipment. Our products—combined with a powerful blend of engineering expertise, services, and global support—are backed by the strongest written performance and delivery guarantees.

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