Pallet Layer Former

Infinite Laning Positions with Less Changeover Time

A future-ready, flexible solution, the Intralox® Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) Pallet Layer Former supports a wide range of layer patterns and product types and sizes. This single piece of equipment turns products selectively and touchlessly, dividing them into lanes to form a pallet layer on the downstream layer table.

The ARB Pallet Layer Former offers an infinite number of possible laning positions, and its push-button changeover saves times by eliminating the need for guardrail adjustments or end-of-arm (EoA) tooling changes. With easy equipment access and no chokepoints, this machine significantly reduces jams and downtime.

Benefits of the ARB Pallet Layer Former:

  • All the patented benefits of ARB technology
  • Reduced footprint—shorter length compared to multiple robot cells
  • Touchless case turning enables gentle product handling and preserves product quality
  • Lower total cost of ownership—50% less maintenance compared to slat switch laning

Ideal Solution for…

  • Product and laning flexibility
  • Items with less packaging or more lightweight containers

ARB technology available:

ARB Pallet Layer Former S7050

Case Studies