ARB Alignment Conveyor Precisely Aligns All Types of Products in a 40% Smaller Footprint

Intralox’s alignment conveyor accurately aligns boxes, cases, cartons, and shrink-wrapped packages of all sizes. Employing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, the alignment conveyor gently drives a stream of randomly introduced items to one side, uniformly squaring them against a guard rail. Product quality remains uncompromised as product movement is directed via angled rollers embedded in the conveyor belt.

Benefits of ARB Aligners:

  • All the benefits of patented ARB technology
  • 40% smaller footprint than traditional technologies such as skewed rollers
  • Guaranteed positive justification, even after starts/stops
  • Ensure precise spacing between products
  • Less maintenance than skewed rollers

Ideal solution for...

  • Aligning items within a minimal footprint
  • Accommodating a wide variety of package sizes
  • Preparing packages for downstream processes
  • Orienting and aligning boxes and cases before infeeds:

ARB technology available:

ARB™ Aligner S400
ARB™ Aligner S7000

Case Studies