• ARB Multilane Divider

Ultra-compact, Fast, Flexible

Revolutionize case package handling to optimize your line layouts.

ARB Multilane Divider S7050 rollers

Created to meet the rapidly changing needs of the packaging industry, the Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Multilane Divider S7050 is an ultra-compact and robust switching and merging solution. It supports multiple infeeds or outfeeds and can handle packages of various sizes and types—including sustainable packaging—at high speeds.

Designed for simplified servicing and maintenance, this ARB technology solution features a user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and infallible components.


  • Handles up to 600 packages per minute at highest speed
  • Switches up to four lanes in and four lanes out with high accuracy


  • Reduces footprint up to 32% in equipment length and up to 60% in equipment width compared to common robotic solutions
  • Customers have experienced floor space savings of 2,810 sq ft (261 sq m)


  • Handles four-packs to 32-packs with upgradeable configurations for future-ready lines
  • Includes integrated bypass function, button-push changeover, and automatically balanced outfeed
  • Eliminates product changeover time with recipe-driven changeover though human-machine interface (HMI)

Layout Optimization

  • Lowers your total cost of ownership by reducing investment and running costs
  • High-speed applications reach up to 150 cycles per minute

With the Multilane Divider, all the manipulation is happening beneath the belt. The actuators beneath the belt do the manipulation, move products side to side, and create the lanes you need at super high speeds.

Matt Fourney
Matt Fourney
Intralox Research and Development Manager
investment cost savings
running cost reduction

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What allows this unprecedented technology to enable future-ready line layouts? Watch our videos to find out.

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