LugDrive Series 8140: An Easy Drop-in Replacement for Hygienic Lug-driven Conveyor Belts

LugDrive Series 8140 conveyor belt underside

With Intralox LugDrive™ Series 8140 belting, food industry manufacturers can now purchase high-quality, hygienic lug-driven belts supported by Intralox’s expertise and guarantees.

OEMs can partner directly with Intralox as a single source for all homogeneous belts. For food processors and equipment manufacturers, LugDrive S8140 belting offers an easy drop-in replacement for many existing applications so there’s no need to retrofit or redesign your conveyors.

As the first conveyor belt under the LugDrive banner, Series 8140 extends the ThermoDrive product group to deliver unmatched reliability and hygienic performance across a broader range of conveyor types. Our hygienic conveyance experts are continuously developing belt and accessory options to enhance the LugDrive family of products.

Key Benefits

  • Easy drop-in replacement for existing lug-driven belts
  • No splicing required when paired with Intralox ThermoLace Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE)
  • Minimized sink marks for improved scraping
  • Matte finish belt surface offers better product release
  • Smoother lugs for a more hygienic outcome
  • Backed by Intralox’s renowned expertise, customer service, and written guarantees
on-time rate for expedited shipments

For years, our customers asked us to offer this solution, and we’re happy to deliver. Now our customers are able to get all their belts from us with the standard Intralox lead times and guarantees they expect.

Rod Markovits
Global Food Industry Team Leader at Intralox

LugDrive Series 8140 Options

LugDrive S8140 belting is available in either single- or dual-lug. We offer three belt material options with the following specifications:

  • Polyurethane A23 
    • Available styles: Flat Top (Matte Finish)
    • Available colors: Blue, White
    • Fabrications: Flights, Synchronized Sidewalls, ThermoLace HDE, V-guides
  • Polyurethane 
    • Available styles: Embedded Diamond Top
    • Available colors: Blue
    • Fabrications: Flights, Synchronized Sidewalls, ThermoLace HDE, V-guides
  • Dura
    • Available styles: Flat Top
    • Available colors: Blue
    • Fabrications: Flights, ThermoLace HDE

Features and Components

Intralox has the components needed to optimize the drive and idle end setup of your conveyor and the accessories to meet your conveyance needs.

Non-joined ThermoLace HDE belt accessory

ThermoLace HDE joining accessory

ThermoLace groove sprocket on top of blue and white single-lug ThermoDrive 8140 belt sections

ThermoLace HDE-compatible sprockets deliver smoother belt operation, while enabling the use of scrapers or position limiters (where required) on LugDrive belts with ThermoLace HDE

LugDrive Series 8140 synchronized sidewalls with high-quality splice

The industry's highest quality field splice for Synchronized Sidewalls

LugDrive Series 8140 v-guide

LugDrive Series 8140 belts are available with V-guides

LugDrive S8140 sprockets and support wheels

LugDrive S8140 sprockets, designed for drive-lug engagement, paired with support wheels.

LugDrive Series 8140 support wheels and idle tail roller

LugDrive S8140 support wheels and idle tail roller

ThermoLace HDE joining accessory

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