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How our partners shatter their KPIs with early triangulation

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You made a major purchase—let’s say a car. You tried to take your time, but you needed transportation for work, for your family. You gave the salesperson your list of requirements, and they took you to a car on the lot.

“This is the right one for you,” they said. “The one that meets all your needs.”

You’re decisive. You consulted the expert and have your solution. You drive it off the lot smiling.

The following week, though, you find that it doesn’t quite have the room your carpool expected once the passengers are in with their bags. And that weekend, your friend boasts about how quiet their vehicle is on the highway, a feature you hadn’t even considered. Someone else raves about the gas mileage theirs gets—their car is cheaper than yours in the end.

I didn’t know I could ask for that, you think to yourself. Their cars do everything mine can—more than mine can—at a lower total cost of ownership?

Regret sets in. You wish you’d dreamed bigger. You wish your salesperson had known other, more robust options existed in your budget.

You wish one of those friends had been on the lot with you.

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Think Big. We’ll Give You Productivity to Match. Early Intralox collaboration with OEMs can have a major impact on project design.

A Familiar Story

How many times have you felt this way after completing a project at your plant?

You wanted to enhance your line—to transform it and become flexible, agile, efficient. To update not just your equipment, but your KPIs, counting on a new layout that would launch your operation into the future.

But once installed, your new solution didn’t quite live up to those dreams. Throughput wasn’t what you expected, or the required maintenance was more frequent than your operation could handle. Maybe your ROI simply wasn’t good enough.

Your line got shinier, but your efficiency and productivity improved marginally at best.

This outcome is common. Many plants’ decision-makers rely solely on their integrators or OEMs to know what technologies exist for their applications. And most of those partners offer equipment and conveyor proposals that only account for traditional conveyance solutions.

That’s not a good combination.

With a lone source of information focused on traditional solutions, you’ll consistently end up with the one-size-fits-all technologies and layouts most common to your industry. Which also means you’ll end up with all the most common pitfalls.

One of our beverage producer partners, for example, sought help from their integrator to eliminate production bottlenecks. That integrator installed a combination of slat dividers, triple-belt case turners, and up- and down-switches: traditional technologies that failed to meet the stated production goals.

A second attempt at a different plant incorporated robotic solutions alongside up- and down-switches, but in a suboptimal layout. Again dissatisfied, the beverage producer called Intralox—but their installation had already begun, and we were unable to work around the equipment in place.

Never Too Early to Call

On their next project, though, the same beverage partner included Intralox in early discussions with their integrator.

Working with the integrator from the outset, we were able to suggest an innovative mix of our Activated Roller Belt (ARB) equipment. The collaborative solution made more efficient use of the plant’s space and eliminated the requirement for complications like fencing or guide rails. This gave the beverage producer an optimized layout that could easily meet their goals.

Fortunately, this outcome is also common. One pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer compressed their layout by 50% and saved over $100,000 in total conveyor investment when Intralox collaborated with their OEM.

Another partner—a global beverage bottler—invited Intralox experts to work with their system integrator early in their project and saved $1.3 million on unnecessary equipment and conveyors.

These partners and many more have discovered that achieving the most efficient layout possible—one that maximizes productivity, minimizes footprint, and reduces project cost—requires early triangulation with Intralox and your OEMs and integrators.

total equipment cost savings for global beverage bottler
total conveyor investment savings for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Working together with your partners, Intralox can craft an innovative blend of solutions perfectly suited to your needs, whatever they are. No idea or technology—traditional or otherwise—is left unconsidered.

This early, collaborative triangulation ultimately offers our end users myriad benefits in addition to the cost savings already mentioned. These include increased functionality and flexibility, reduced costs and downtime, smaller footprints, and enhanced overall performance.

When your goals are understood and evaluated from every angle, you receive an efficient line that meets or exceeds your KPIs while maximizing your ROI and potential savings.

Know Your Options

The bottom line is this: When you’re making transformative decisions about your line or the future of your operation, you deserve to be fully informed.

That’s why Intralox wants to be part of your project team early—to ensure your best option isn’t left unspoken. Whether that turns out to be a traditional solution, an Intralox® technology, or a blend of both, end users and OEMs alike trust Intralox  to deliver the best outcome for their operations.

Ready to get more out of your next project? Download our triangulation guide to see the difference Intralox can make.

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Simpler Layouts, Better Results

Consulting with Intralox in the early stages of your project can help you simplify complex line layouts, improve productivity, minimize risks, and more. 

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