AIM Equipment for Pizza: Maximized Throughput with Gentle Product Handling

Revolutionize pizza handling on your lines with washdown-capable automation solutions

AIM Sorter for Pizza

Intralox AIM technology conveying frozen pizza in switching, sorting, and merging applications.

Active Integrated Motion (AIM) technology revolutionizes frozen pizza handling by enabling automation in washdown environments. Competing technologies or labor can’t provide the comprehensive benefits of maximized reliable throughput and gentle product handling that AIM equipment delivers.

Intralox AIM solutions include sorting, switching, and merging equipment that allow processors to increase throughput by eliminating product damage, corrective labor, maintenance, and production downtime.

Pizzas exiting an AIM Switch

Benefits of AIM Technology

  • Maximize reliable throughput
  • Ensure gentle product handling
  • Boost speed up to 200 ft (61 m) per minute vs. pusher or swing arms
  • Improve cleanability
  • Enhance line flexibility within a small footprint
  • Increase safety, with no guarding required

Pepperoni pizzas exiting a DirectDrive Stacker conveyor

Industry InnovationsIntralox Solutions for Pizza Plants

We carry proven technologies for key areas throughout your pizza plant, including:

Partner with Intralox early in a project’s lifecycle to ensure your pizza line layout is optimized and equipped with the right AIM solutions.

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