Omnibus BB Transportes Saves Time and Money with the Intralox VehicleVeyor

Case Study

Omnibus BB Transportes S.A.


Modular Plastic Belting



Trench line with Series 10000 belting

Customer Objectives

The Omnibus BB Transportes S.A. plant in Quito, Ecuador, wanted to install a new under-the-car inspection line that would increase productivity with lower costs, simpler maintenance, easier installation, and less downtime risk. Other lines in the plant’s assembly area used steel slat chain, which were expensive to install, repair, and maintain. The belt would need to withstand the weight of a variety of automobiles, from sedans and small SUVs to pick-up trucks.

Intralox Execution

Omnibus BB Transportes decided to work with Intralox due to the company’s great support, and chose to install a VehicleVeyor with Series 10000 Flat Top belting. Intralox worked closely with the conveyor manufacturer and engineers at the Quito plant during the entire course of the installation. In addition to providing project planning webcasts in Spanish to review the conveyor design, Intralox engineers traveled to the plant for troubleshooting and design modification recommendations. Intralox provided extensive VehicleVeyor design guidelines, service, and technical support for Omnibus BB Transportes  and the integrator throughout the project. Automotive specialists and an engineer visited the plant post-installation for troubleshooting, design modification recommendations, as well as monitoring elongation and wear.

Implementing Intralox S10000 belts in our under-the-car inspection line improved our line productivity and maintenance procedures over metal slats.

Pedro León
Omnibus BB Transportes S.A. Engineering Manager

The VehicleVeyor was equipped with single-strand Series 10000 Flat Top belting and wheel chocks. At
1.4-in (35.6-mm) thick and impact- and abrasion-resistant, the S10000 Flat Top belt’s increased belt strength means that it can be used on conveyors that carry heavier, concentrated loads—perfect for Omnibus BB Transportes’s variety of vehicles. Bolted in place with S10000 insert nuts, the S10000 wheel chocks are designed to position vehicles on the belt and cradle a vehicle’s tire, preventing movement during transport.


Thanks to Intralox’s small sprockets, the pit for the VehicleVeyor was only 30 in (760 mm) on the drive end—much shorter than those required for steel slat chains. This simplified installation reduced Omnibus BB Transportes’s civil work costs by 50% and increased flexibility for future layout changes. The low pit height is much more manageable; Omnibus BB Transportes Engineering Manager Pedro León says workers have an easier time accessing the belt, improving checkpoints and inspections.

León says, “Implementing Intralox S10000 belts in our under-the-car inspection line improved our line productivity and maintenance procedures over metal slats.” The plant expects to improve more applications with Intralox.

General Motors is the parent company of Omnibus BB Transportes S.A.