Global Automotive Manufacturer

Global Automotive Manufacturer Saves $130,000+ Annually with Intralox Solution

Customer Objectives

A global automotive manufacturer was experiencing several challenges with its chain-driven live roller (CDLR) conveyors, resulting in annual maintenance costs of over $130,000 for seven tire and wheel handling conveyors. Frequent breakdowns—sometimes twice daily—increased unscheduled maintenance, which meant high replacement costs for shafts, chain-connecting rollers, and drive sprockets. Overtime costs were also rising as breakdowns were left unattended until the end of the day or weekends.

Intralox Execution

Having previously partnered with Intralox for belting in other areas of the plant that experienced zero breakdowns in five years, the manufacturer was interested in replicating that success. The maintenance team contacted Intralox for guidance and, through Intralox’s recommendation, the automotive manufacturer conducted both retrofits and new installations of Series 400 Roller Top and Series 1400 Square Friction Top belting. This solution reduces replacement costs, increases belt life, and eliminates mistracking. An Intralox Account Manager was on-site to conduct layout reviews, design guideline reviews, provide installation support, and deliver a post-installation inspection.


The automotive manufacturer has had no problems with the Intralox belts since installation over a year ago, and will experience full payback on the solution—which includes demolition, new conveyors, components, and installation—in less than five years. With these changes, energy usage has decreased by more than 25%, adding an additional several thousand dollars a year in unexpected savings on top of the calculated maintenance savings. They are on pace to earn a return on investment of over $650,000 in five years—a total of $93,500 in maintenance savings per conveyor.