DirectDrive System Dramatically Increases Plant Efficiency and Production Capacity at Gourmand

I believed from the first introduction in 2012 that this new technology could solve all our issues with our existing friction-based technology. Intralox’s technology is revolutionary!

Roland Poelvoorde, Recently Retired Maintenance Manager, Gourmand

Customer Objectives

Gourmand wanted to find a solution to the high belt tension, time and product loss, and extensive cleaning cycles on a belt installed only three years prior. The spiral was challenged with the problem of friction between the drum and the belt edges due to the high butter content in the dough.  Additionally, the friction between the belt and belt support changed because of toppings from the breakfast pastries.  The changing friction factors created high belt tension problems, resulting in the belt Christmas treeing, which led to product loss. 

Gourmand attempted to manage the situation by making time consuming efforts to adjust the setting during production.  Intermediate cleaning cycles also were implemented; however, none of the efforts allowed Gourmand to have full control of the spiral system.

Intralox Execution

The S2700 DirectDrive belt was installed on Gourmand’s 4 year old spiral freezer.  DirectDrive technology allows the belt and the drum to engage without friction, radically changing the previous efforts to manage the spiral.  With the new belt, the plant no longer schedules intermediate cleaning during the production week, and has dramatically reduced belt tensioning.  Belt flipping was virtually eliminated.     

“We’ve had no production loss and or downtime with the freezer since installing Intralox’s new technology!”
Piet Willems, Plant Manager, Gourmand, Mouscron, Belgium


Intralox’s DirectDrive installation on one of Gourmand’s freezer lines has proven itself with Gourmand reporting no product loss and no intermediate cleanings scheduled.  No additional maintenance to the system was performed, nor did the line experience high belt tension.  DirectDrive technology dramatically increased plant efficiency and production capacity by eliminating the need for the intermediate cleaning throughout the week.   

The success of DirectDrive prompted Gourmand to choose it for the freezer of their new croissant line.  Additionally, DirectDrive will be replacing a competitor’s belt on another Gourmand spiral freezer line before the end of the year. 

“I believed from the first introduction that this new technology could solve all our issues with our existing friction-based technology.  Intralox’s technology is revolutionary!”
Roland Poelvoorde, Recently Retired Maintenance Manager, Gourmand, Mouscron, Belgium