• Innovative Belt Curve Conveyor Technology


    Maximize floor space

    • Constant inner radius no matter the belt width
    • Eliminate need for straight belt before and after the curve
    • Reduced footprint

    Enhance conveyor reliability

    • Modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance
    • Patent-pending symmetric drive design simplifies assembly and installation time
    • Lug-tooth style sprockets and positive drive system for better durability

    Improved product performance

    • Maintain product orientation
    • Flat top construction eliminates catch points
    • Improves safety
    • Manages difficult to handle packages, heavier loads and higher speeds

    Handles tight transfers

    • Ensure product orientation and integrity during tight transfers

    Innovative construction

    • Conveyor construction reduces maintenance and cost, and eliminates belt mistracking
    • Easy identifiers on sprockets and sprocket pockets for reliable assembly
    • Complete design guideline packages

    Unmatched lead times

    • Eliminate long lead time required for complete equipment ordering
    Zero Tangent
    Zero Tangent Innovative Design