Whisper Laner™

  • The world’s fastest laner is safe, simple, and compact - with no moving parts.

    The Whisper Laner divides containers into multiple lanes reliably at high speeds. It accomplishes this with no moving parts and eliminates the need to stop or slow the flow of containers while the laner directs a container to a discharge lane. What this means for a plant’s bottom line is indisputable: the Whisper Laner maintains a continuous flow of product and eliminates the need for accumulation; therefore, laning will no longer compromise your line speed.

    The Whisper Laner is an affordable and reliable tool for providing perfect lane balance, while at the same time offering more flexibility than conventional laners. It is customizable for specialty products and when greater speeds are needed (up to 1800 ppm).

    Flexibility & Customization
    The Whisper Laner has been adopted by various well-known retail brand companies to sort a variety of product types such as:

    • canned vegetables
    • beer bottles and cans
    • wine bottles and boxes
    • milk and juice boxes and bottles
    • ketchup and other condiment containers
    • mouthwash bottles
    • Kleenex® boxes
    • laundry and dish detergent bottles
    • cosmetics
    • pharmaceuticals
    • hand soap containers

    The Whisper Laner can lane in different configurations and is able to sort product based on color, size, fill height, bar-coded labels, or missing or cocked caps. There are virtually no product shape, size, or weight constraints.

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