Tire and Wheel Assembly

  • Tire and Wheel Assembly

    Intralox Conveying Solutions

    Intralox customers in the automotive manufacturing and tire industries know their conveyance challenges can be met with our reliable solutions. Installed in a variety of plant locations, including sub-assembly, parts and seat delivery, and tire and wheel assembly, Intralox conveyor belts operate efficiently, with strategic production flexibility.

    Move Reliably.

    Intralox Tire and Wheel Solutions

    • Modular construction allows for quick, easy, on-frame repairs when necessary, without special tools
    • Uses a positive drive system that eliminates belt mistracking, edge damage and associated maintenance cost
    • Eliminates rollers and bearings, which removes high maintenance costs associated with upkeep and replacement
    • Dramatically reduces operating noise levels, improving ergonomics and worker comfort


    • General tire and wheel transport utilizing S400 and S1400 (Flat Top)
    • Incline and decline conveyors utilizing S900 and S1400 (Flat Friction Top)
    • 90 and 180 degree turns utilizing  S400 (Transverse Roller Top) and S4400 (Transverse Roller Top)
    • Accumulation conveyors utilizing S1400 and S400 (Roller Top)
    Series 1400 Friction Top
    Series 400 TRT