Tire and Rubber

  • Proven conveyance solutions for the Tire industry, from millroom to final finish


    S900 Open Flush Grid (click here) S1400 Flat Top Easy Release PLUS (click here)
    S900 Open Flush Grid  S1400 Flat Top Easy Release PLUS



    Tire manufacturers around the world have used Intralox belting in tire transport applications for over twenty years. Our high-performance belts solve traditional conveyance problems throughout tire plants and have proven to be strong, durable, easy to maintain, and simple to operate.


    The performance-optimizing solutions that Intralox has introduced specifically for the Tire industry have revolutionized many aspects of tire conveyance. Dip tanks, cooling lines, trench conveyors, 90-degree transfers, and sorting/merging systems are just a few of the applications that have seen dramatic improvements because of Intralox’s patented products.

    2009 marked the 10-year anniversary of our Transverse Roller Top (TRT) solution for 90 degree transfers of finished tires.  Read more about this simple yet revolutionary solution, developed with and for the tire industry.


    An Intralox solution delivers more than just a belt. The total package includes comprehensive technical analysis and support, economic assessment, and customized options for turnkey retrofits, service contracts, etc.

    Customer Profitability

    Intralox is committed to helping customers achieve their operational and business goals. One program we offer to the Tire industry includes a complete technical and economic analysis of all conveyance in a plant, followed by a detailed proposal and a prioritized plan of action.